A bizarre new workout has launched where exercise fanatics pretend to be dogs.

Keep-fit fanatics can play fetch, tug-of-war and catch frisbees in a circuit routine mimicking a dog's workout.

Work Out Like A Dog, created by pet charity Blue Cross, is a 45-minute aerobic exercise class inspired by man's best friend.

The class was commissioned to raise awareness of how exercise keeps dogs healthy and happy, combining strength training and cardio to 'fill participants with positive energy'.

Sarah Dickinson, head of media relations from Blue Cross, said: "We hope the Work Out Like A Dog bootcamp will be an eye-opener for dog owners and would-be dog owners.

"Humans can communicate when they feel frustrated or want a change of scenery; if they need to let off steam with a good long run they just head out and do it.

"By contrast most pet dogs are completely reliant on us picking up signals that they require some stimulation or have to spend some energy.

"This workout should remind everyone what a huge emotional and physical difference it can make when we get that right."

If you want a taste of the bootcamp, get to Victoria Park, in Hackney Wick, east London, for 7.30am tomorrow (February 3).

Sarah added: "Every year we take in high numbers of dogs from often heartbroken owners of pets with behavioural problems ranging from being mischievous to destructive and even aggressive.

"While each case is unique and complex, in a number of them issues arise from the pet being under-stimulated or frustrated, and we can see improvements when they start getting the right amount of play and exercise.

"That’s why, in addition to the clinical and re-homing work Blue Cross does we want to educate owners too; the more informed they are, the better equipped they’ll be to give their pets a long, healthy and happy life in a forever home."

Personal trainer Born Barikor said: "Anyone would agree that in addition to losing weight or toning up, regular exercise acts as an incredible release for pent-up energy or stress.

"We weren’t designed to spend all day cooped up and sedentary - and neither were our furry friends.

"With Work Out Like A Dog we wanted participants to channel the joy a dog feels playing their favourite games in the park, as well as the physical benefits."

The Work Out Like A Dog class breakdown:

  • WARM UP (8mins): consisting of agility, obstacle course and hurdle exercises
  • TRICK CIRCUIT (10mins): get up, down, rollover, sit, and stay your way through squats, planks and more
  • GAMES (15 mins): a round of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) ball fetching, frisbee and tug-of-war
  • COOL DOWN(WARD) DOG (3-4 mins): stretch and end with a howl of happiness!