Rush hour commuters travelling through Woolwich on a DLR train were left trapped under the Thames for more than an hour after the train broken down in a tunnel.

Angry passengers tweeted out their fury at being left underground on the service for an hour and 20 minutes, according to one commuter.

Updates from Transport for London's DLR account said there were "severe delays" between Woolwich Arsenal and Bank after the train broke down at King George V in North Woolwich.

Sarah Manley tweeted: "Stuck in a tunnel on a packed #DLR train... Rescue guys are on board, but this is no joke one of my ideas of hell.

"OMG to make this situation 10x better, one kid started crying and has set off about 5 others."

A rescue train eventually came to the rescue and pulled the carriage out of the tunnel, freeing the trapped passengers.

Claire Mann, TfL’s director of DLR, said: "I’d like to apologise to customers for the disruption caused by a defective train in the King George V area earlier this morning.

"Engineers worked as quickly as possible to resolve the issue. There is now good service operating on the DLR.

"We will do everything we can to provide automatic refunds for customers who were affected."