A horde of teenagers rampaged through a Lee cafe, attacking a shopkeeper’s family and injuring three police officers.

Following the attack the café owner spoke of his horror after his family were put in hospital following the attack by “more than 50 teenagers”.

Aziz Garip owns the Centre Café Shop in Lewisham but wasn’t at the cafe when the teenagers showed up.

Mr Garip said: “My wife and my son were attacked and were put in hospital.

“In more than 13 years I have never had anything like this happen.”

Police were called about midday on Friday, January 12. There they found Mr Garip’s wife had been assaulted and had to be taken to hospital.

Mr Garip said: “She tried to put the shutters down but they stopped her. My son tried to stop them but he was attacked too.

“They smashed her face and they attacked him. They hit my wife in the face and my son was injured on the shoulder.

“Six or seven months ago they came inside and attacked me but not like this. This time it was a lot more. It felt like all of the school showed up.

“I am relieved that the injuries aren’t more serious.”

Three officers were also injured during the incident. One female officer suffered a broken wrist, one male officer suffered a dislocated shoulder, and one male PC suffered a cut to his arm.

All the officers and the shop owner’s wife and son went to hospital and have since been discharged.

Three boys - aged 16, 15 and 14 - and a 14-year-old girl, were arrested on suspicion of affray and criminal damage to a nearby café.

A second girl was also arrested on suspicion of affray and criminal damage and further arrested on suspicion of grievous bodily harm.

All those arrested were taken into custody at a south London police station and have since been released on bail until dates in late March pending further enquiries.

Enquiries by Lewisham Borough officers into the circumstances of the incident are ongoing.