Another Friday the 13th is coming, so the trains might be a little less packed than usual and the roads a bit quieter.

Apparently, five per cent of people are so desperate to avoid bad luck, they won’t leave their home until Saturday comes.

This sounds like a crafty excuse for a long weekend, but paraskevidekatriaphobia (fear of Friday the 13th) is a real thing.

A survey of 2,000 Brits for Mecca Bingo also found 80 per cent of people admit to at least being superstitious on this infamous date.

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Meanwhile, a separate Travelodge survey of 2,500 adults has found three-quarters of people report suffering from bad luck on a previous Friday the 13th.

Forty per cent of respondents said they will be taking some form of proactive action tomorrow to avoid any form of bad luck coming their way, such as not travelling, rescheduling important meetings and keeping away from mirrors and ladders.

The top 10 moments Brits are at their most superstitious (according to OnePoll survey for Mecca Bingo):

  • When sitting a test/exam (14%)
  • When buying a scratchcard/placing a bet/playing bingo (12%)
  • During a key life moment e.g. purchasing house/proposing/getting married (11%)
  • When looking for a new job (9%)
  • When it’s Friday 13th or Halloween (7%)
  • When getting on a flight (7%)
  • When playing games or sport (7%)
  • When going for a health check at the doctor/dentist (6%)
  • When taking a driving test (5%)
  • When trying to land a promotion (5%)

The top five lucky rituals and charms Brits rely on to ward off bad luck:

  • Wearing lucky socks (36%)
  • Touching wood (35%)
  • Wearing lucky pants (35%)
  • A lucky coin (23%)
  • Keeping fingers and toes crossed (22%)

Are you especially superstitious or extra vigilant around Friday the 13th? ​Are there other superstitions you believe in? What do you do to try and bring yourself good luck? Add your comments below.