The Tories have snatched a council seat from Labour in the Greenwich by-election.

The Conservatives snatched the victory with just 38 votes in the contest for Eltham North ward.

Labour’s Simon Warwick Peirce was unable to retain the Labour seat last night (November 10) leaving the blue's Charlie Davis open to the victory with 1,335.

Labour took 1,297 votes.

The newly-elected councillor said: "I am honoured to have been elected by the residents of Eltham North to represent them.

"I would like to thank the other candidates for what was a well-fought but positive campaign - and everyone who took part in the election.

"During the campaign I pledged to be Eltham's voice on the council, not the council's voice in Eltham - and that's exactly what I plan to be.

"I can't wait to start delivering on my plans for Eltham North and working with Spencer and the rest of the Conservative team to get things done for residents in the ward." 

The rest of the parties trailed with Liberal Democrats taking 279 votes, Ukip scoring 160 votes and the Greens clinching 110 votes.

The turnout was 31.3 per cent.

The swing from Labour to Conservative was 1.4 per cent since the previous election in 2014 when two Labour councillors and one Conservative were elected in the ward.

In other council by-elections, Labour held seats at North Hertfordshire (Hitchin Oughton ward) and Wandsworth (Queenstown), while Tories held a seat at Horsham (Southwater).