A Thamesmead rapper has been tipped for the big time as his career moves across south London.

After three years of tireless work, Paul Stephan, of Summerton Way, is ready to take the music industry by storm with his own brand of grime.

The fashion-loving creative was recently picked up by the revered online music channel SBTV with his single TBM and is capitalizing upon this moment across the capital.

But his elevating presence in the underground scene, has been a daring venture.

From Richmond to Greenwich the creative has been playing gigs solidly south of the river, even showcasing his music at a south London chicken shop to spread the word. 

“Since I was a kid I’ve always been doing music, going to my mates house, spitting rhymes and recording songs,” he said, “The passion has always been there but in the last three years I’ve really been pushing it.”

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“I’m still here and I’m planning for the best in the future.

“It’s all about innovation.

“You can be a lot more than what they say in the papers and people’s perceptions of Thamesmead youths.

“From where I’m from, you get people settling, It’s not easy to be inspired by Thamesmead.

“With music, art and fashion, I want to give people a different idea and hopefully in the future open more doors.

“Getting to go on a channel like SBTV did give me the exposure and the style and expression I’m trying to bring to grime music and music for the UK as a whole.”

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The 24-year-old year old took the bold decision to leave his degree course in Greenwich to work on his music, something others in his circle viewed as a mistake at the time.

He is pushing his art with a select few people without any support from arts bodies or councils. 

“One thing I realised from the course is everything is a big business,” he said, “Me doing music is my product.

“It was really hard to leave uni but I couldn’t lie to myself any longer.”

He added: “Art can do a lot.

“It can be an answer to many problems.

“But I’m not expecting help from anyone like councils.

“Their presence would help but I can do it without them”.

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