A collapsed German shepherd was found in a Bexley car park with her face so swollen she could not open her eyes and pucture wounds all over her body.

The RSPCA have renewed an appeal for information after the 12-year-old dog, called Juliet, was found by a passer-by at Bexley Cricket Club in Manor Way.

She was discovered curled up on a grass verge near the car park on Wednesday, October 19.

Officers believe that she was the victim of a dog attack, and had been "mistreated and underfed" for some time.

RSPCA inspector Ellen Thomas said: “Juliet was just left on a grass verge by this secluded car park in a right old mess.

“Her face was so swollen she couldn’t open her eyes and she had mange all over her body - so red raw on her back and tail that she had lost most of her fur.

“There were multiple puncture wounds all over her body, from her ear through to her neck and jaw, and there was blood and saliva all over her - we think from other dogs as well as her.

"Some of the scars were old and the indications are all that she had been involved in some kind of dog attack, and had also been mistreated and underfed for some time.

Initially the RSPCA inspectors did not think she would survive.

Ms Thomas added: “It looked at first as though she had given up, and we did not have much hope that she would survive.

"All her mannerisms were of defeat - it reduced me and the other two officers who found her to tears - she was such a heartbreaking sight.

“Amazingly, though, she is now making huge strides towards recovery after some food, care and TLC.

"The vets where she is being cared for are amazing and we hope she will make a good recovery so we can help find this lovely old girl a new home.”

Attempts to trace her owner through her microchip drew a blank, so the RSPCA is urging anyone with information about Juliet and how she came to be abandoned in this state to call 0300 123 8018.