WARNING: The video above contains swearing which some people might find offensive.

Footage has emerged of a man apparently “running for his life” from a “killer clown” in Belvedere.

A strange craze that involves people dressing up as gruesome creepy clowns and scaring passersby has spread to the UK from America.

And the terrorised resident who gave his name as Michael Vale claims he was walking through a field in Rutland Gate on Sunday night when he saw a clown dressed up in blue lights from a distance.

In the video footage, he says: “This is what I see, some random lights on the field.

News Shopper:

A screenshot of the "killer clown" in Belvedere 

“F***. It actually looks like someone is standing there. What the f***. This is the way I’ve got to go home. Oh s***, you’ll never guess what this is.”

The clown approaches Michael, stops, laughs and begins to chase him.

Two days after the incident, the chef told News Shopper: “I ran for my life when the clown approached me – what they’re doing is very stupid and annoying.

“Some people do it for fun, but there are others who take the p***.”

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Commander Julian Bennett, lead for the autumn nights campaign, has spoken out about the recent reports of “killer clowns” in London.

He said: “We are currently accessing a small number of reported ‘killer clown’ incidents in London, three of which meet the threshold of a criminal offence.

“Our primary responsibility is identifying and investigating those incidents where a criminal offence has occurred.

“However, anti-social behaviour can leave people feeling scared, anxious and intimidated and I would urge those who are causing fear and alarm to carefully consider the impact their actions have on others.”