A ground-breaking new era of large scale shows at Greenwich Theatre kicks off on Wednesday, September 28, with Jim Cartwright’s rich and raucous musical comedy The Rise And Fall of Little Voice.

The show has enjoyed a fabulous run at Chipping Norton Theatre in an exciting new co-production.

“I think the show will play very strongly to two of our core audiences,” said James Haddrell, Greenwich Theatre’s artistic and executive director. “People love this kind of quality contemporary drama and I’m sure our rapidly-growing musical theatre audience will love it as well.”

The Rise And Fall of Little Voice – a massive hit as a film with Jane Horrocks in 1998 - will run at Greenwich until Sunday, October 9, telling the story of a painfully shy young woman who hides from the world and her domineering mother by listening to her late father’s record collection.

“It’s a fantastic show with great songs, loads of humour and a wonderful moment when Little Voice realises she can imitate the great diva singers like Judy Garland, Shirley Bassey and Billie Holiday with her own amazing voice,” said James.

“The idea came up in conversation with Chipping Norton. With our new studio space we can produce more intimate shows there and programme more large-scale productions like Little Voice for the main stage. We already have the rock musical LIZZIE transferring from Denmark for a three-week run next February.”

Little Voice director Bronagh Lagan has directed at Greenwich before, including most recently James And The Giant Peach. “The response at Chipping Norton has been incredible,” she said. “Every day we got calls from people saying their friends have told them they must see Little Voice. It’s hard not to love a play filled with this much poetry, punchlines and passion."

FOR more details and ticket prices for The Rise And Fall Of Little Voice go to www.greenwichtheatre.org.uk