Shocking footage has emerged that appears to shows a McDonald's worker taunting an apparently homeless person by offering him a burger and then throwing it on the floor at a Bromley bus stop.

In the incident that is said to have taken place last Sunday (September 18) around 11pm in Bromley High Street, a man in a grey tracksuit can be seen asking a passer-by, who seems to be homeless, if he wants the burger.

He looks at the camera while brandishing the cheeseburger, and says: “This is my good deed of the day – you feel me?”

He then approaches the man passing the bus stop and says: “Boss man, do you want a cheeseburger? Are you sure yeah?”

He then callously throws the burger to the ground at the man’s feet, who sheepishly picks it up off the floor as the alleged bully walks away laughing.


A woman’s voice can be heard in the background saying “That’s horrible, that’s not funny.”

The source of the video, who asked to remain anonymous, said he had been forwarded it by a friend who was there with the McDonald’s employee, who he says had brought the 99p burger with him from work.

He told News Shopper: “He tells them to record and everyone gets their phones out thinking he’s going to do something nice.

“They thought it was genuinely going to be under good faith.

“The poor homeless man was rummaging through bins looking for food, maybe because he was very desperate for food.

“With no dignity, [the man in the video] threw the burger on the floor, humiliating this poor man in front of everybody waiting at the bus stop.”

A McDonald's spokeswoman said: "We were disappointed by the content of this video.

"We take incidents like this extremely seriously and this is not the kind of behaviour we would expect from any of our employees.

"This member of staff has now been dismissed."