Screams, jumps and chills are what you’ll get when you watch any performance of The Woman in Black – and Richmond Theatre’s production didn’t disappoint.

The popular play is also coming to Bromley’s Churchill Theatre in April 2017.

Adapted by the late Stephen Mallatratt from Susan Hill’s ghost story, the second longest running play in the West End is carried out by two men.

An older Arthur Kipps pays The Actor to help him tell his family and friends of the terrifying tale that he has had to live with throughout his life.

While The Actor plays the role of a young Arthur Kipps, the older Arthur Kipps imitates various other characters including Sam Daily, Mr Jerome, Mr Bentley and Keckwick.

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The Woman in Black | Picture Tristram Kenton

In the performance, the pair re-enact the haunting memories that took place at the infamous Eel Marsh House.

The Richmond Theatre’s set and lighting were quite basic, but did not need to be anything more, with an obvious change in lighting when The Actor returned back to the present time with Arthur Kipps.

The Woman in Black’s appearances were limited which increased fear within the audience as they wondered when they would see her next.

The Actor, played by Matthew Spencer, did well to stay in character when obnoxious schoolchildren laughed at serious scenes.

That would probably be the only downfall to the show, the continual noise coming from the back of the room, something which does not reflect on Richmond Theatre itself.

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The play had people on the edge of their seats | Picture Tristram Kenton

But, it was the professionalism of the performers to keep on going which made the production even more impressive.

If you’ve already read the book, watched the film or even seen the play at a different venue, the play’s ending always sends chills down your spine.

I’ve done all three of those things listed above but I still left the theatre looking over my shoulder.

The Woman in Black is at Richmond Theatre from September 20 to 24. Buy tickets at