A Bromley funeral director has left potential customers baffled after a bizarre deal was spotted being advertised in the window of one of their branches.

For a limited time only, the Plaistow Lane branch of James Harper is offering a free child’s battery powered vehicle with every pre-paid funeral.

The offer was spotted by Jaime Salter, who posted it in a community Facebook group with the caption “Wow! All the more reason to die this month”.

Members of the S**T London group were quick to mock this month’s morbid special offer, with Mark Evans joking: “Hurry up, Grandma”.

Bat Liubo chimed in with an alternative suggestion to entice customers, commenting: “Can I have a battery-powered coffin instead?”

The window display features a cheery teddy bear modelling the child’s convertible car which customers can get their hands on if they take advantage of the deal.

While some users seemed to suggest the offer may be in poor taste, most people saw the funny side.

Roddy Bell said: “Presumably the vehicle is a hearse? The kids’ll love it! ‘Here you go: You can pretend to drive Grandad’s hearse to the funeral’.”

And Pal Minina appeared to be laughing herself into an early grave in a bid to get her hands on a bargain: “Hahahahahaha … I’m dying (now give me my car!)”


Funeral director James Harper told News Shopper the offer was intended as an incentive for customers to plan their burials in advance.

He said: “The incentive of the car is to make it a win-win-win situation.

“The grandparents can organise their funeral and pay for it, the family don’t have the concern of doing so.

“And if there’s a grandchild, they would get the benefit having something their grandparents would normally buy them – and something to remember them by.

“From our point of view, it’s to incentivise people to do a pre-paid funeral, because [a funeral] never comes at the right time and you never have the money.

“It’s a difficult message to get across at the best of times – we can’t do buy one get one free – and the pre-paid option takes the sting out of it.

“We’ve done this with the best of intentions.”

A new report revealed today that the cost of a funeral has more than doubled in just over a decade, with London named as the most expensive place to die.

Funeral costs in the capital are on average 42% higher than the national average.

The figures from insurer SunLife show that on average, a funeral sets families back £3,897.

James Harper has branches in Bromley, Biggin Hill and Westerham.