An Orpington woman says she is traumatised after watching her beloved dog die while on a walk in Horton Kirby.

Toni Smith, 62, of Barnesdale Crescent, was walking her two dogs, Jasper a chihuahua and pomeranian-cross, and Badger a jack russell, with her husband Kenneth Browne by the River Darent last Wednesday.

While by the river, an English bull terrier was sniffing Jasper’s nose when he suddenly grabbed his neck and shook him at 11am.

Despite the owner getting him off Jasper, the damage was already done as the couple “could see his insides hanging out”.

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They rushed to Sidcup Parkvets, but the two-year-old pup was pronounced dead shortly after.

Speaking about the attack, Mrs Smith told News Shopper: “The dog’s owner was waving his arms in the air screaming.

“He was trying to whack the dog but by the time he let go, our dog was so badly mutilated that we could see his insides hanging out.

“The owner ran off with the dog and said he’d get a vet, but he never came back. We’re just traumatised by the attack – it’ll stay with me until the day I die.

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Jasper resting on Mr Browne

“We got to Sidcup Parkvets and they attended to him but it was too late. We were only there for half an hour but the staff were so compassionate.”

Mrs Smith had Jasper ever since he was a puppy, and said Badger is being affected without having his friend around.

She added: “Our other dog is a jack russell and he was like a father to Jasper.

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Badger ​watching over Jasper

“He’s not eating his food and when he looks at me, it’s like he’s asking ‘when’s Jasper coming back?’”

Mrs Smith wants the owner of the English bull terrier to be caught so that the dog’s next victim is not a child.

She said: “At the end of the day, it could’ve happened to a child - the dog was out of control. I want the owner caught.

“My daughter is now scared to let her dog off the lead and whenever I see a big dog, I’ll be extremely cautious with Badger.”

Met Police confirmed that they are investigating the allegation of a dangerous dog offence.

No arrests have been made and enquiries continue.