The boy killed is yesterday's horror police car chase crash in Penge died alongside his aunt, it has been revealed.

He has been named as 10-year-old Makayah McDermott and the woman Rosie Cooper, who was in her 30s.

The pair were pronounced dead at the scene in Lennard Road after a stolen car, which was being pursued by police, veered onto the pavement and hit them shortly after 2pm.

Makayah's twin sisters, Niyah and Yahla, 13, were injured in the crash, and are in hospital being treated for multiple injuries, along with Ms Cooper's eight-year-old daughter.

Makayah’s parents have been named as Omar McDermott, 37, and 36-year-old Danielle Cooper, of Crampton Road, Penge.

Lisa Pitman, who runs Virtue Taekwon-do where Makayah had been training since he was four years old, described the news as “unbelievable”.

She told News Shopper: “He was a beautiful boy, so well loved and we are gutted to the stomach - it’s awful.

“Our students are devastated.

“They are such a lovely family. It’s absolutely devastating, I can’t believe it.”

Mrs Pitman said the popular youngster had “so much to offer”.

He had taken part in several of their summer camps, winning a number of medals and trophies.

She added: “Some of our students who found out were in absolute tears and trauma.

“He was just so funny, such a funny kid.

“Everything he did he was 100 per cent.

“I can’t imagine how his family are feeling.”

News Shopper:

Rosie Cooper. Photo: Facebook

Ms Cooper's neighbour paid tribute to the young mother, saying she often saw her with her nieces and nephews.

Jackie Francis, from Beckenham, said: "We were neighbourly. She was a really nice girl. We would say hello as she came and went.

"I just couldn't believe it when I heard.

"She was a typical young mother, always with the children, she was very fond of her children.

"It's just horrible. They were a close family, undoubtedly close."

Ms Francis added that Ms Cooper's daughter was "quite athletic" and would often play outside "doing cartwheels".

A single red rose and a card addressed to "Rose's family" lay on Ms Cooper's doorstep.

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People lay tributes at the scene of the crash. Picture: PA Wire.

According to the Evening Standard, Makayah and his sisters attended the Pop School and Stage Academy (PSSA) in Beckenham and were involved in performances at Catford’s Broadway Theatre.

He also attended Alexandra Junior School, in Cator Road, Penge.

Dayna Birthwright, 26, who lives in Sydenham, told News Shopper yesterday: "You don't expect it, this doesn't happen.

"A week before the schools go back, it's shocking, being a parent as well.

"It's just the fact that it could be anyone. There's loads of kids going to the park, there are a few parks near here.

"It brings out emotion when you hear it's a child involved."

News Shopper:

The scene after the crash. Photo: Sculem Stern (@ShulemStern)

Dominique Benjamin added: "I can't stop thinking about it, they woke up this morning, went about their daily routine and now they're not here.

"I can't process it, on your door step as well.

"Penge is a small community, I'm ringing everyone I know to make sure everyone is alright." 

The driver of the car, a 23-year-old man, has been arrested on suspicion of causing death by dangerous driving and theft of a motor vehicle. 

He remains in custody at a south London police station. 

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