Alien activity, a fetish for cat whiskers and revenge on an ex-lover are just some of the bizarre reports wasting investigators time in the hunt for the vicious Croydon cat killer.

RSPCA chief inspector Mike Butcher said the charity had ruled out several weird suggestions from “trolls and mischief-makers” about how the moggies are slayed.

But he warned while the reports are amusing, they are hampering an investigation to catch a violent pet killer responsible for over 100 feline deaths.

He said: “This does waste our time, there are some reports that we can dismiss without looking at them but some are not that simple.

“We have ruled out several bizarre alternatives from people collecting cat whiskers to aliens, it has got a bit out of hand with who they think it is.

“There are also people that say they [the killer] likes skulls of cats and cat’s tails to put on the wall."

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Mr Butcher, who admitted his was an unfortunate surname given the nature of the investigation, added: “There are people dropping a neighbour in it that they don’t like or trying to get back at an ex and when we follow it up it turns out it was just a domestic situation.

“If you think it is genuine information then contact us, but we don’t need trolls and mischief-makers.

“It is just a bizarre investigation…but the right thing to do is take it seriously.”

Three more moggies have been found brutally murdered in Croydon this month, the latest a black cat called Pebbles who died after being attacked in Addiscombe.

They are feared to be the latest in a string of cats slaughtered since October, prompting a police investigation.

Mr Butcher, who has worked on the case since November, added: “We need to find who this bloke is, there is no information coming forward and we really want to put the feelers out there and say ‘someone must know who this is’.

“It has been going on a long time and we are a bit surprised that we haven’t had more tip-offs.

“We take the matter very seriously and the police are leading it because obviously there is a man with a knife running around an urban environment.”

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Tony Jenkins, who founded SNARL with partner Boudicca Rising, last week suggested the cat killer could be swinging his victims against a wall or knee-dropping them to death.

Animal rights campaign group Peta and wildlife protection organisation Outpaced have both offered a £5,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the person dubbed by some the “cat ripper of Croydon”.

Anyone with information is asked to contact SNARL on 07961 030064 or 07957 830490, Detective Sergeant Andy Collin, of the Metropolitan Police, on 0208 6490216, or the RSPCA on 0300 123 8018.