Sci-fi thrillers from the last 30 years invariably owe a debt to a certain Ridley Scott, but perhaps that more true for Morgan than most.

The story of a synthetic human with unimaginable powers going rogue is directed by the legendary Alien and Blade Runner director’s son, Luke, while Sir Ridley produces.

Luke has worked as a second unit director on his dad’s films Exodus: Gods and Kings and The Martian. Morgan is his feature film debut and stars Kate Mara, Anya Taylor-Joy, Toby Jones, Paul Giamatti and Jennifer Jason Leigh.

Ahead of its release on September 2, Luke Scott discussed the film with What’s On’s film critic Mark Foker…

This is your directing debut in a feature film. How did this differ from some of your previous directing projects?

I suppose the main difference is that you have a much larger responsibility on your shoulders. Although having said that, every directing experience has their unique issues from commercials to movies. You just need to work things out - do your homework.

Had you been actively looking for a particular script and movie to come along that you and your father (Ridley Scott) could collaborate on as equals?

Not really. It was mostly because my dad’s company Scott Free was involved, so the opportunity was just there. We both work for the company so it just made sense.

How did you get together with script writer Seth Owen. Did you contact him or did he approach you?

That’s a good question. I had made a short film called Loom which I was also learning how to use a new 3D camera.

It was a kind of sci-fi Frankenstein story with actor Giovanni Ribisi who creates an artificial girl and hides her in the genetics factory where he is a quality control manager. Seth expanded on the ideas in Loom which became the inspiration for Morgan.

Writers and film makers seem obsessed with bio engineered and synthetic human evolution. How far away do you think we are for this to be a reality and should we be tampering with nature?

For the film we researched how synthetic humans would look, which was native to our Morgan and this defined the character.

This was before Ex-Machina (2015) which was actually an android whereas our Morgan was a synthetic creation and not a machine. Although some may say that humans are remarkable machines. There are already bio technology gene editing tools out there.

On that subject. Where did you find actress Anya Taylor-Joy who portrays Morgan and what made her stand out from the other actors who auditioned for the role or was she your first choice?

No we did audition many people and it was a tough group. But with Anya we saw a copy of The Witch (2015) where she played Thomasin and she showed so much sensitivity and craft for a debut. She came in and was just so perfect for the part.

Talking of which you have a great cast assembled for this film. With the likes of Paul Giamatti, Toby Jones and Kate Mara, all of who have appeared as Marvel movie characters so no strangers to sci-fi. Plus, you also have Jennifer Jason Leigh. Did you choose your cast yourself?

Yes…my God! It was beyond my wildest dreams. Oh my God! How was I going to handling these great actors it was overwhelming. I had to look as though I knew what I was doing. Actually I just let them get on with it. Yes I couldn’t have asked for a better cast.

If you could direct any one of your father’s classic films which one would you choose?

Wow! Tough question. Hmm I do like Alien and Blade Runner but to be honest I think I’d go for The Duellist (1977). It’s always been one of my favourites and I love its purity.

Morgan is out September 2.

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