A well-loved seven-foot mannequin stolen from its Sidcup owners has been returned.

The golfing-clad giant figurine called Gordon Bennett is a popular icon in North Cray Road that stands watch in his owner's garden. 

His legend is so great in the area that he gets postcards and, depending on the season, people will drive past his home just to see what he is wearing.

News Shopper:
Geraldine Noonan-Wood and Geraldine Brown are in search of Gordon #wheresgordon

He has been known to dress up as Father Christmas, parade in St.Patrick’s Day gear and even join in horror films like Scream.

He was last seen at 6am on Sunday (July 31) by a passerby on their way to work.

Gordon's distraught owner, Geraldine Noonan-Wood, 56, came to News Shopper to appeal to the public to get him back.

Following our appeal, we can now report that he has been returned anonymously, but it is unclear where he has been.

"I would like to thank everybody who shared the appeal and got the message out there," Mrs Noonan-Wood said. 

Speaking to News Shopper at the time of his dissapearance she said: “I have people knocking on my front door asking me where he’s gone.

“He gets christmas cards and postcards.

“If he turns up at someone’s house he is going to be known immediately.

“The more people know the more chance we have of finding him.

“People have got ever so emotional about it - a policeman turned up with a bit of a wry smile on his face but by the end he was really gutted to hear about it too.”

“He’s not worth anything financially but obviously Gordon is of sentimental value.”

The aptly named Gordon Bennett was mistakenly purchased as a 3ft tall Christmas statue after a family holiday in Portugal.

News Shopper:
The seven foot mannequin is well loved by kids on their way to and from school

Mrs Noonan-Wood’s husband Philip was surprised when Gordon arrived in the post at twice the height he had expected.

Gordon's first adventure included subterfuge at the Blue Anchor pub prior to his grand Xmas unveiling.

In that time it is reported that many patrons struck up conversations with the non-sentient being mistaking the mannequin for a real person.

“Honest to God I nearly died of fright - I thought there was a man in the conservatory,” Mrs Noonan-Wood said as he was proffered to her as a gift on Christmas Day.

He was christened Gordon Bennett after names were picked from a hat by family members.

After eight years the owners are now selling up and wanted to find Gordon Bennett so he could continue his watch in Sidcup as they moved on to pastures new.

News Shopper:
The statue is staple character in the community and loved by many which is why an appeal has been launched to get find him and return him to rightful viewing point

The new owner, Geraldine Brown, 52, who also owns the Browns of Bexley deli, launched a personal appeal to get hold of the beloved statue.

“Someone has stolen my man,” she said at the time, “We will give free cream tea in the shop if anyone has any information leading to his whereabouts.”

No tea has been served and the kidnappers have not been caught but at least Gordon made it back in one piece.