Pokemon Go has sent gamers into a frenzy with its augmented reality take on collecting fictional creatures.

But at the same time it also appears to have sparked a huge surge of interest in more retro ways of catching ‘em all.

There has been a 75 per cent increase month-on-month from June to July in sales of Nintendo Game Boy Pokemon games on eBay.co.uk as many players try to rekindle their childhood or choose a more authentic 90s way of capturing Pikachu and friends.

Pokemon trading cards harking back to the franchise’s original glory days have also been popular again, with a 30 per cent sales increase on eBay.

Those seeking out classic merchandise will need deep pockets in some cases – the highest priced Pokemon item currently available to buy is a bundle of 500 cards listed at an eye-watering £8,000.

News Shopper: Pokemon cards on eBayPokemon cards on eBay

Since the release of the Pokemon Go app last week, one Pokemon-related item has sold every 12 seconds on eBay.

Overall in the past week there has been a 45 per cent increase in sales of Pokemon related items on the site.

The current craze for hunting the real world for virtual creatures has also led to a 20 per cent increase in sales of portable battery chargers, with players desperate not to run out of juice just as they find a rare monster.