A man is in shock after capturing spooky CCTV footage of a ghost in the road outside his home in Abbey Wood.

Ian Hawke, 42, of Overton Road, was sitting down and looking at his CCTV screen when the spirit suddenly appeared at 11.50pm last night (July 14).

News Shopper:

A screenshot of the ghost

The spooked-out resident says there have been spirits living in his house for years.

Mr Hawke told News Shopper: “I was so shocked when I saw it – I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

“It looks like a child playing or even just confused and running away.

“I have spirits in my house and my friends have filmed them here in the past, but I’m not afraid of them. It’s the living that hurt you, not the spirits.

“We’re trying to find a medium to come over and look at our property.”

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