Footage has emerged from the “vile” and “hateful” protest which led to the eviction of asylum seekers in Sidcup.

The Home Office moved three refugees into a property in Penhill Road last Thursday, which was not approved by Bexley Council.

Without giving any notice to the council or residents, more followed over the weekend and it resulted in a demonstration being held outside their home on Sunday.

A Periscope video, filmed by local pro-refugee resident David Lovelace, 58, shows him arguing with a man about the asylum seekers.

News Shopper:

Other protesting locals weren't impressed with the Periscope stream

The man said: “You’re happy to have rapists turning up?”

Mr Lovelace replied: “They’re rapists, are they?”

The other man said: “Yeah, do you know they’re not? Could they be terrorists, could they?”

He added: “Do I look like a terrorist? Do you look like a terrorist?”

Mr Lovelace sharply responded: “What does a terrorist look like?”

At that moment, another resident, who said he lived up the road, asked the man: “Do I look like a terrorist?”

“Uh, yeah you do actually,” he replied.

News Shopper:

Shortly after, the grey-haired man stormed off and muttered: “We’re never going to convince some people, that’s fine.”

The Met Police have confirmed they are investigating “concerning” social media comments regarding the asylum seekers.