Eynsford is undoubtedly one of north Kent’s sweetest villages and The Plough occupies arguably its most plum spot.

Facing out towards the river, it is framed beautifully on approach by a narrow bridge and a ford (for those daredevil enough to navigate water in a motorvehicle).

It’s a little bit of a shame that, for the most part, that pretty view is lost from inside the pub but it’s unlikely you will pine too much once inside.

Put simply, the Plough is stunning.

Walking through the glass doors, you are confronted by an imposing bar boasting ten tipples on tap (including Doom Bar and two Meantime beers).

Little round copper tables are dotted about the upper bar level, with comfortable bucket seats around them.

With quiet easy listening music, dimmed lighting and lots of glass all around, this is a classy Kentish experience.

Its refined interior doesn’t appear to have put off any custom. The staff are down-to-earth and the daytime clientele speaks for the Plough’s family friendly credentials.

The only drag – as you might expect, it don’t come cheap. The posh fish finger sandwich I ate may have been exquisite but it did cost £8.95.

None of the food is cheap, with the cheapest of the regular main courses – Ham, Egg and Chips – coming in for just fivepence short of a tenner.

The Plough Inn, Riverside, Eynsford

How it rated:

Décor ***** Stunning inside and out

Atmosphere **** Family friendly

Staff *** Nice enough

Food ***** Faultless

Drink **** Splendid selection

Price ** Not cheap

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