Big food suppliers are taking notes after hearing that Charlton Manor has decided to go into the veggie business.

The primary school in Indus Road, Charlton – famed for its national healthy eating campaign – is selling vegetables grown at their community garden on Woodlands Farm, Shooters Hill.

And their first big deal is with the booming Sticks ‘n’ Sushi restaurant in Greenwich town centre.

“And we’re not necessarily stopping there,” declared Year 6 pupil Rosie Ghuman. “Competition is good and we’re looking to expand.”

The school’s big selling point is that their food is fresh, organic and pesticide-free. Together with fellow negotiator Daisy Thackrah and other members of the school’s News Team, Rosie took £20 back to the Charlton Manor after negotiating the sale of radishes, coriander, chives and shiso at Stick ‘n’ Sushi.

Twenty-three-year-old manager Eni Hoti – who welcomes more than 100 customers on busy nights - admitted he was nervous negotiating with the 10 and 11-year-olds.

“One of our general managers found out about Charlton Manor growing things when talking to one of the teachers,” he said. “We were very impressed so we turned words into actions because we want to get food as locally and as fresh as possible. Sushi is very popular because it is a very clean and elegant food.

“We agree entirely with Charlton Manor’s healthy eating campaign. We have a big staff that has to eat healthily because they are very active when they are working.

“I think healthy eating should be a priority in schools, in restaurants and at home – everywhere really. Sushi is healthy food and you can eat plenty without feeling too full up.”

Rosie Ghuman added: “I’m sure we’ll do regular business with Sticks ‘n’ Sushi but other restaurants are welcome to contact us as well.”

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