A world record breaking make-up artist from north Kent who has body painted Katie Price and given Richard Branson a black eye has released a book sharing the secrets of face painting.

Meopham’s Liz Bylett’s skills are so in demand that she teaches her The Follies Academy in colleges across the country, provides training around the world and demonstrates on cruise ships and at shows for large make-up companies as well as organising her own Living Art Shows.

She has been flown out to the south of France to paint on superyachts with clients including Richard Branson and his Virgin brand, where she was enlisted to paint a face wound on the former and make his top team into Frankie Goes to Hollywood.

In 2001, Liz set a new Guinness World Record for most faces painted in an hour.

Now Liz has put all of her top face painting tips into a book, called The Face Painters’ Blueprint, which was officially launched last weekend raising money for the Brain and Spine Foundation in the process.

Liz, who was inspired to learn the craft herself after watching a face painter at a fete, said: “It’s a fabulous tool for any mums, school PTAs, individuals who wish to learn to face paint for children’s parties, to paint the children for events at school, to start their own successful businesses or just for fun.”

She added: “I have loved my time as face painter. I’ve met some fabulous people, travelled extensively, enjoyed the creative side of my job and brought pleasure to many. Now I wish to share that skill and open that opportunity up to an even wider audience with the book and training videos.”

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