Sixteen wardens who care for vulnerable residents across Bexley are to be axed next month.

Adults who live in sheltered housing schemes and receive care from the council, received a letter earlier this month explaining that on-hand help supplied by regular warden visits were to be cut.

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The care scheme at Cramonde Court is one of sixteen scheme sto be axed in August

As it stands the part-time warden services are to be withdrawn from August 1 with Age UK Bexley set to fill the required service of care.

The Bexley wardens are in place to help residents carry out the day-to-day activities that they otherwise can’t do on their own, as well as providing company to those who are most alone and afraid.

Some vulnerable residents include the elderly, some who have had strokes, others who suffer from diabetes, all of whom are cared for on a regular basis with one-to-one supervision.

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Warden Katherine Martin doesn't believe Age UK can deliver on the services needed for her watch

The care scheme, like the one set up in Cramonde Court in Welling, is now to be dropped.

Warden Katherine Martin, 56, of Charldean Road, has worked at Cramonde Court for the past three years and is one of the sixteen part-time wardens who are being made redundant.

She said: “There won’t be anyone to help. I think it is an absolute disgrace.

"It’s not just about my job.

“You do this work because you build up a rapport with the people you mix with every week – we are one big family.”

She added: “I can’t get Age UK to even change a light bulb.

"They haven’t got the facilities to cope with this.

“Some people have been here for 14 years, now they are more elderly, this decision is ludicrous.”

The council has confirmed that the move is to help plug a £25m funding gap by 2020.

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Bexley Council: 'We believe the new service will be fairer and provide more flexible support for those that need it'

Bexley Council also confirmed that the care contract was automatically awarded to Age UK Bexley as the contract is to be implemented on a “trial basis”.

Ms Martin added: “One month’s notice, it is unbelievable.

"How do you do that to people who have been sent up to warden assisted accommodation?

“How do you change that over one month?

“Some people don’t understand what the letter means.

“I just want to highlight how disgusting this is.

“I don’t know how they can do this to people.

"It is awful for the residents.”

A spokeswoman for Bexley council said: “We regret the fact that 16 self-employed wardens have lost part of their work.

“The change will achieve an annual saving, but it is not just about money.

“We believe the new service will be fairer and provide more flexible support for those that need it.”

A spokesman for Age UK Bexley added: “All residents in these schemes will have access to all of our services.

“If residents have more serious needs we will make sure they get the right support through Bexley Council.”