A Plumstead teen has been left needing surgery after a car smashed into him in Thamesmead.

Thirteen-year-old Daniel Carroll was crossing the road near the bus station in Thamesmere Drive at about 3.30pm last Monday (July 4) when he was hit from behind, breaking his heel and bones at the back of the foot.

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Rio Pattinson was one of the two friends there with Daniel at the time of the terrible incident

The driver reportedly drove off leaving Daniel’s two friends, Rio Pattinson and Taylor Covington, both 13, to call the ambulance and stay with the injured teen.

Police have confirmed the car’s description as a blue BMW and the suspect as a white man wearing a white shirt.

It is believed the incident was watched by a number witnesses waiting at the bus stop and the family is now appealing for more information about what happened.

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Mum Gina and partner Dave want to know who was driving the car that hit Daniel on July 4

Nurse and mum Gina Carroll, 40, believes, judging by the injury her son sustained, the teen was stepping onto the kerb, with his back foot trailing, when the car hit.

Ms Carroll said: “If he hadn’t had good boots on he would have had his foot off.

"I have spoken with the surgeons, if they don’t operate he will have issues for the rest of his life. "The thing is this is disgusting.

"I know my son was watching where he was going.

"It wasn’t like he was in the middle of the road.

"I want him stopped.”

She added: “Not one single person waiting at the bus stop went to help him out.

“[These were] children, 13-year-olds helping each other out.”

Both Ms Carroll and her partner Dave Arnold, 43, work full time – Mr Arnold is a head chef in Woolwich while Ms Carroll carries out her medical duties in Ilford.

Neither parent can drive Daniel to school due to their work.

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Daniel is a big fan of free running, something that he will have to miss out on this summer holidays

In order to get to Woolwich Polytechnic, Daniel can only take the 177 bus from Thamesmead, a potentially harmful trip that could damage his half-plastered cast and foot.

With the added fear that other pupils at the school won’t understand the severity of the break, Daniel’s parents have made the decision to keep their son home rather than risk him picking up another injury.

Mrs Carroll told News Shopper: “He was going to start year 9 early to have tasters for the classes but he now missed out on this.

"He can’t go out at the moment.

“But it’s a great community down here, everyone comes together.

“The guy is driving around the area at the moment and we want him stopped.”

Anyone with information is asked to call police on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 101 quoting crime reference number 3614269/16

If you saw what happened email james.parsons@london.newsquest.co.uk