Lots of us would claim we ain’t afraid of no ghost, but that was put to the test for commuters at Waterloo station this morning.

Crowds heading to and from the trains were stunned to find the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man – recognisable to most from the Ghostbusters movie – has smashed through the floor of the station at rush hour.

The 2.9m tall and 8.5m ghoul is not the only supernatural phenomena at the station, with slime oozing down pole and pop-up New York City Subway entrance appearing on the concourse.

And who ya gonna call in a situation like this? Luckily a team of people were seen handing out cards encouraging people to report the problem to the Ghostbusters on 0800 2229 911. We tried the number, and it genuinely works.

Of course, all of this is a giant stunt for the new Ghostbusters movie, which is in cinemas today.

You can read our interview with one of the stars, Chris Hemsworth, here.

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