The new mural set to brighten up Hither Green is finished.

The mural, paid for by community fundraising  and painted by two south-east London artists, was designed to "create a greater sense of identity" in the area.

It was painted by Lionel Stanhope and Zara Gaze and the artwork in Ennersdale road is supposed to join the two sides of Hither Green.

Organiser Caroline Hughes said: "It’s gained momentum in a way I didn’t anticipate, and most significantly it just feels really supportive.”

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Photo: Caroline Hughes/@HitherMurals

Volunteers began clearing the space for the mural on Saturday and the mural was completed by Tuesday.

Ms Hughes, 49, from Torridon Road, said: “It is fairly quiet there but it spans Hither Green, which is divided by the railway line, and there is some historic stuff about a ‘good’ side and a ‘bad’ side which is lessening a bit.

“It is nice to do it there because it is linking both sides and I hope it will create a greater sense of identity.

“Lots of people who walk that way are enthusiastic about it, it feels like it will lift the spot and bring a little bit of energy that was not there before.”

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The finished mural. Photo: Caroline Hughes/@HitherMurals