A Welling man will consider moving his family away if a “dangerous” mast is built near their home.

An application has been put forward to install the 12.5 metre monopole to the rear of the Shell Station in Bellegrove Road, Welling.

After receiving an official letter from Bexley Council regarding the plans, Philip Tran, 32, of Darwin Road, is worried for his children’s safety.

He told News Shopper: “This mast will be within 15 metres from our home and we should have been told about this in a better way.

“With all the radiation that comes from masts, it won’t be healthy for us to live where we are – at least three residential roads will be affected.

News Shopper:

The mast could be installed to the rear of the Shell Station

“My kids will be growing up right next to the mast and it’ll be dangerous. If it’s put up, I’ll consider moving my family because I don’t want to put my children at risk.”

Bexley Council has given residents the chance to have their say on the potential installation on their website.

Any comments, observations or objections must be submitted before July 8 and they will all be taken into account, according to the letter that was sent to Mr Tran last month.

“You can officially oppose the installation online,” the dad-of-three added.

“But, the only problem with that is there are loads of elderly residents who won’t know how to work a computer or laptop.

“Some may not even have access to the internet.”

Other residents are up in arms about the plans to install the mast.

Tanya Karamanoglu, also of Darwin Road, said: “If it’s built, it’ll basically be my back garden.

News Shopper:

Tanya Karamanoglu with other unhappy residents

“There will be obvious health issues for residents because of the mast – it’ll lead to radiation, and eventually cancer.”

A Bexley Council spokesman said: “No decision has been made on this proposal yet, nor will one be made, without taking into consideration the views of residents.

“At this stage we have an application to install telecommunications at Bellegrove Road in Welling and are consulting with local residents.

“The health and safety standards of such installations are considered prior to the submission of any planning application and are set by the government.

“Any planning application has to be accompanied with an ICNIRP certificate to show that it would comply with international health and safety guidelines on radiation emissions. This application is accompanied by an ICNIRP certificate.”