A Crayford woman claims an energy company sent her a CD featuring her dead husband’s voice in an attempt to receive payment for a remaining bill.

Scholasticah Rowland had been married to her 57-year-old husband Robert for 17 years when he lost his battle with cancer last August.

Ever since his death, Mrs Rowland, 54, of Crayford Way, says she has been fighting EDF Energy over an unpaid bill of £292.

She claims her husband always paid for energy bills, and that she wanted the last one written off as a gesture of goodwill.

News Shopper:

Mrs Rowland with a picture of her late husband

EDF allegedly tried to get Mrs Rowland to pay the money back by sending her a CD featuring a recording of Mr Rowland’s voice, as evidence that she was also responsible for the bills.

The mum-of-three told News Shopper: “Last month EDF sent me a CD with a recorded message of my husband’s voice from July last year, a month before he died.

“The only reason why he phoned them was to put my name in our account because it only used to be in his name.

“These people care more about making money rather than people’s emotions.

“I haven’t even listened to all of the tape yet – it’s extremely upsetting.

“Instead of mourning my husband’s death, I’m constantly thinking of EDF. It’s like cutting my wound which is already open. I can’t carry on like this.”

Mrs Rowland claims to have contacted the Energy Ombudsman Services and following an investigation, says that they said the energy company should write a letter of apology and pay £50 into her account.

She changed her energy supplier in December as she believed the bills were too expensive for a newly-single mum to pay.

“I’m so distressed because this is killing me,” Mrs Rowland added.

News Shopper:

Mrs ​Rowland holding the CD

“To them he was just a customer but to myself and my family, he was a family man, who we mourn and miss.

“I never denied being jointly responsible for the account, all I asked was for the final bill to be written off as a gesture of goodwill for the distress EDF has put me through during this difficult time.

“When I received the CD, it was psychological and mental torture – I’m having sleepless nights.”

After being contacted by News Shopper, EDF agreed to credit Mrs Rowland's account with the full amount owed for the bill.

A spokesman said: “We are very sorry for Mrs Rowland’s loss and understand that this is a difficult time for her. Mrs Rowland’s name was added to the account prior to the death of her husband as requested by them.

“At that time we explained to both Mr and Mrs Rowland that they would have joint responsibility for any account balance.

“We have offered to set up a payment plan for Mrs Rowland which takes into account her ability to pay, and had been waiting for her to agree how she wants to do this.

“Although Mrs Rowland is liable for payment, as a gesture of goodwill we have today credited the account with the full amount and there is no need for Mrs Rowland to take any further action.”