Nothing makes a drink taste as beautiful as when you have had to endure some pretty tough times to get one.

No, I’m not talking about the referendum so don’t start shouting at the screen just yet.

It was something much more immediately unsettling – I’m talking about the proper soaking I got while navigating from the tube to the Pilot.

Sheets of torrential rain poured down turning what was on the face of it not an unpleasant stroll from North Greenwich through a characterless ‘park’ into a Lord of the Rings-style quest.

Somehow I made it, sodden, to the bar which was admittedly smaller than expected.

Once inside, however, it was far from underwhelming – and not just because I was grateful for a roof over my head.

A small snug, to the left as you walk in, boasts an exposed brick fireplace and a telly above it showing the football and some comfy chairs while a handsome and busy bar was stacked full of choice.

On tap, there was well over a dozen beers. Lots of them were Fuller’s own brews but also other gems such as Wimbledon Brewery’s Quartermaine IPA.

The room next door was being used for a private function (but looked welcoming), and with the crowd watching the Euros dominating the snug, I had to camp out by the bar for my grub.

Clearly I wasn’t going to entertain trying to chow down on a full-blown dinner while scrabbling for somewhere to hover.

So I ordered an attractively plump sesame seed covered sausage roll from under a cloche at the bar.

The £4 price tag made me balk but as I began stuffing it into my gob I felt much better.

It was impressively meaty. Not only the poshest but also the best sausage roll I’ve eaten. And that includes my old Nan’s creations.

The Pilot, River Way, Greenwich.

How it rated:

Décor**** A handsome pub

Atmosphere**** A good crowd during the football

Staff *** Pleasant

Food ***** Cracking if the sausage roll is anything to go by

Drink ***** Staggering selection

Price ** Not easy on the wallet

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