A beloved Woolwich squirrel will not be harmed, it has been confirmed.

A petition to save Cyril, who lives at the Royal Arsenal development, attracted more than 4,000 signatures after it was set-up on Sunday (June 19).

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Cyril the squirrel has been saved. All pictures: Anthony Coyne

The campaign was fueled by rumours that the furry fiend may be targeted by pest controllers.

Residents branded those responsible for reporting the cheeky critter to property management service Rendall & Rittner as "scoundrels".

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Anthony Coyne with Cyril

Anthony Coyne, managing director at thinkerdoer studio in Warehouse Court where Cyril is regularly spotted joining staff for meetings and munching on hazelnuts, said: "Cyril has been visiting since around March this year.

"I first spotted him around by the Cornerstone Cafe and jokingly said to a friend I'd train him to come in the studio.

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Cyril hangs out with staff at thinkerdoer studios

"It took three weeks of saying hello to him and carrying monkey nuts in my pocket.

"There have been days when he has tapped on the window to be let in.

"It appears some scoundrels have complained he's been hiding nuts in their pot plants and want him killed.

“His haters and killers must be stopped, by force if necessary."

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Cyril enjoys some monkey nuts

A spokesman from Rendall & Rittner said: “We have been listening to all those concerned about Cyril and want to assure the community that he will not be harmed."

However, residents have been urged to stop feeding the fluffy friend and encouraging him into their properties.

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Cyril with Markos Evangelou at thinkerdoer studios

The spokesman added: "Given Cyril’s capabilities at causing a stir we do request that residents across the development leave him to his own devices and refrain from feeding him or encouraging him into their property, as this will encourage his behaviour when it is not always welcome.

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Cheeky chappy Cyril the squirrel

“We are seeking specialist advice on the best methods to discourage Cyril from causing damage to homes or offices. It is in Cyril’s best interests to be left alone to find his own habitat, where he can forage for food naturally, away from human intervention.”