Concerned parents have started a petition in the hope of expanding a popular community school in Dartford.

The Bridge is a development site which has flats, houses and the Dartford Bridge Community Primary School around its premises.

Debi Das, 39, moved into the complex on April 1 for his four-year-old son, Divyum, to have a school in walking distance from their home, but failed to get admission.

He claims more homes are being built, while the community school’s capacity stays the same.

Mr Das told News Shopper: “My house is 0.21 miles from the school which is just a three-minute walk for us.

“But, last year, the catchment area for the school was 0.17 miles – and we assumed my son was going to get a place, hence why we moved.

“The local school was a big selling point.”

News Shopper:

Debi Das with his wife and son

The community school allegedly has up to 60 children attending – and parents are pleading with Kent County Council to expand it.

Mr Das was offered admission at another school, four miles away from his home, but he does not like putting his son at risk to the Dartford traffic.

He said: “Everyone knows about the terrible congestion in Dartford, and I don’t like putting my son at risk to the traffic.

“I thought I would be able to walk my son to school, but no, I have to brave the Dartford traffic - it’s become so stressful for myself and my wife.

“The community school could at least expand the classes by half a form.”

He added: “What we’re seeing is the development getting bigger, but the size of the school staying the same.

“There were 15 people, who live in the development, who didn’t get admission to the school. It’s a big problem.

“Everyone is just frustrated and parents are even having to move away because they have no other choice.”

A KCC spokesman said: “Demand for reception places has necessitated officers to consider an increase in provision in the north Dartford planning area.

“Extensive feasibility study work was carried out with the conclusion that an expansion of Dartford Bridge Community Primary School, was not the most practical or cost effective solution to meeting the additional demand.

“The primary school for the Dartford Bridge development was designed from the outset to be a two-form entry primary school within the community campus building.”

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