A Welling woman broke down in tears when she found out one of her medical devices that she supplies saved someone’s life.

Rhona Manning, 46, of Wickham Lane, started supplying medical and training equipment when she set up her company Help Save Lives 18 months ago.

A LifeVac, a device used to revive a choking victim, was sent out to a care home in Swansea on May 24.

And two days later, Ms Manning received the news that it had saved an elderly resident’s life.

She told News Shopper: “I found out last week at 10am in the morning.

“I just broke down in tears because I was so happy - it’s made my year.”

News Shopper:

Rhona Manning with the LifeVac 

The former magazine publisher added: “An on-duty nurse picked the device up and used it on the resident, who was choking on their lunch.

“It’s the first time it’s ever saved a live human.

“The only reason I started the company was to get products out to people at a lower price - the LifeVac does what it says on the tin.”

Ms Manning mainly supplies the LifeVac and other medical equipment to care homes and schools.

She is no stranger to life-saving machines as she used to work at a manufacturing company called Laerdal Medical.

Her experience there gave her the passion to start her own company.

Ms Manning said: “I started it with a passion to get more LifeVacs and defibrillators in the world and to save lives.

News Shopper:

“I’ve had flack before from people saying I’m only doing it for the money but that’s just so untrue.

“I live to use my knowledge and contacts to help people.”

The number of establishments equipped with the LifeVac is growing daily, but Ms Manning wants this to continue to ensure that lives are saved in the future.

The anti-choking device costs £71.94 (VAT included).