A commuter said passengers were "shaken up" after a bus crashed in Greenwich, leaving several people with shock and minor injuries.

A route 108 bus crashed in Westcombe Hill around 8.50am yesterday morning.

Jamie Rider, 24, from Bell Street, Shooters Hill, was on his way to work when the bus crashed into a post.

He said: "It was pretty packed and raining, we got to the next bus stop and the bus door stopped working so the driver came to check the back door.

"The bus started rolling down and the bus driver started running towards the main door.

"It hit the post and smashed, everyone was shouting and screaming. A lot of people were pretty shaken up by it."

A spokesman for London Ambulance Hazardous Area Response Team said the injuries were "mainly shock and minor bumps".

They treated people at the scene and nobody was taken to hospital.

A spokesman for Transport for London confirmed they are investigating the crash.