Pop superstar Elton John wowed patrons at a New Cross pub when he dropped in to relieve himself.

Staff at The Rose Pub in New Cross Road have confirmed they played host to the acclaimed singer-songwriter on Tuesday afternoon (May 17).

Rob Agrawal was enjoying lunch at the establishment when he noticed the Rocket Man, reportedly with partner David Furnish.

News Shopper:

Photo: Rob Agrawal

Mr Agrawal told News Shopper: "I looked up and a very familiar-looking man walked in.

"He was with a couple of other people - one of them was his partner I think.

"He must have been caught short - he went up to the landlord and asked him if he could use the facilities.

News Shopper:

Elton emerges from the toilet. Photo: Rob Agrawal

"I'm not really into celebrities but he's one of the most famous people in the world. I was shocked, completely stunned.

"There was a woman stood near me and I said to her 'that's Elton John'. I think she thought I was mad."

Following his number 1, Elton returned with his companions to a red Bentley.

News Shopper:

Photo: Rob Agrawal

Mr John was also spotted by eagle-eyed members of the public as he passed through the area, with Chloe Pillai tweeting: "Elton John just drove past me in New Cross, probably off to the Venue. Should have waved."

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