As any devotee of Lidl will tell you, sometimes it is nice not to have too much choice.

If you have ever been confronted with a menu that is several pages long and you struggle to even whittle it down to a section let alone a final decision then you’ll know sometimes you just want someone to choose for you.

And it is worse when you are hungry.

So rather than feeling disappointed when my choice for lunch at the Beehive was between three types of perma-warmed pie and a few varieties of crisps, my brain was actually grateful for the rest.

Not that you can complain at the price - £1.80 for the pie was satisfyingly cheap (as was the quality) and the grub itself hit the spot on a Saturday-afternoon-on-the-terraces kind of way, too.

Acceptable though it was, it was the kind of dining you would expect from a more down-at-heel boozer.

The Beehive is a mightily impressive building: vast inside with long bay windows, a long Victorian bar, high ceilings and a smart air about it. It was disarmingly clean, too.

Even on a weekday daytime, a small band of happy regulars were enjoying their time at the bar and chatty with the friendly lady behind the bar.

Regular entertainment includes a clairvoyant, which is at least a bit different and more than you can say for the relatively disappointing trio of ales which included Timothy Taylor Landlord. In this instance, I would have liked a few more options.

The Beehive, Footscray Road, New Eltham

How it rated:

Atmosphere*** Hard to tell in the day but welcoming enough

Décor**** Impressive

Staff**** Friendly and helpful

Food** Surprisingly OK

Drink** Needs more options

Price**** £3.80 a pint

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