A spurned lover has taken revenge to extreme lengths by shaming their “cheating” ex-partner with bizarre posters plastered around Woolwich.

This flyer has been spotted inside the toilets of Woolwich Tesco, Woolwich Arsenal station, and several other places around the town centre before making its way onto social media.

As well as a warning to other women, it includes three pictures of the “cheat” – which have been pixelated to protect the man’s identity.

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Under the heading LOST DOG, the poster reads: “Last seen sniffing around the Woolwich Centre, predominantly late night in Tesco’s [sic].

“Known to be a compulsive liar, a manipulator, a cheat and a head f***.

“Bitches beware this specific breed of dog hasn’t been neutered and is likely to attack ANY female.

“If found lurking please contact the RSPCA or PEST CONTROL immediately.”