Not many pubs are so full on a weekday lunchtime that you have genuine difficulty finding a table and there’s a hefty queue at the bar.

So hats off to The Tailor’s Chalk because it is certainly pulling the punters in. It’s not like there was a shortage of seating, either, it’s a decent sized boozer.

Last time I visited the Tailor’s Chalk I was inspired by how it may have been a chain pub but it still felt fresh and had a bit of personality. There were flashes of that once again, and clearly it is fulfilling the needs of its customers, but my take on it this time as a little less enthused.

By and large, it looks like (and, in fairness, is) a Wetherspoons though a few little touches, such as attractive lantern lights over the bar, give the neat but largely standard décor a lift. And this time round, I’m not totally sure what it is about the toilets that was award-winning. Not that they are a state, but it’s not the Shangri-Loo, either.

To the pub’s credit, it attracted not only a lunchtime crowd but a sizeable group (predominantly older gents) happy to prop up the bar. These folk are the lifeblood of any pub, even if their thirst did mean a frustrating wait to order.

It was not helped by distinctly unhurried service.

The Tailor’s Chalk ticks all of the usual ‘Spoons boxes – lots of ales at reasonable prices (including Exmoor Gold), a long menu of bargain meals and no music, making it a nice place for a chat.

No-one expects a slap-up dining experience at the prices charge by Mr JD Wetherspoon, which was lucky. The rice with my chilli may have been crispy but it filled a hole.

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The Tailor’s Chalk, High Street, Sidcup

How it rated:

Décor ***

Atmosphere ***

Staff ***

Food **

Drink ***

Price ****