A teenage boy who was stranded in the middle of a lake in Crystal Palace Park was rescued by firefighters yesterday (April 18).

Five fire crews and Bromley Police officers were all called to help the 14-year-old who became stuck after attempting to climb to the pontoon, a dry area in the centre of the lake, just before 5.30pm.

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Crystal Palace Park

He was eventually piggy backed to safety but fell off at one point so "got wet anyway", according to Sergeant Lance Chenery of Biggin Hill MPS and the Evening Standard.

He said: "A 14-year-old decided to climb across to the pontoon in the lake. He couldn't get back – cue the emergency services. 

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"He fell off the fireman before dry land, so he got wet anyway."

Clearly unimpressed, the sergeant tweeted: "This could have been avoided by the youth being sensible in the 1st place".