Beckenham MP Bob Stewart reportedly approached a political journalist on Monday and told her “I want to speak to the totty”.

Mr Stewart, nicknamed ‘Bonking Bob’, is thought to be the MP who opened with the remark in conversation with The Spectator’s assistant editor, Isabel Hardman.

Ms Hardman chose not to name the MP in question, who she said she had met a couple of times before.

She said “no social media witch hunt ever made anything better” and went to the Conservative party whip to complain instead of outing him.


She tweeted: “So I have passed on the MP’s name to a whip. I don’t betray sources. But I will betray sexists.”

“Have been thinking about whether or not to tweet about it, but actually that is NOT on and lobby women shouldn’t have to put up with it.”

She added that an apology was on its way from the “contrite” MP.

The Sun revealed that the Tory MP in question was Beckenham’s own Bob Stewart, an army veteran who served as an officer for 28 years.

He was nicknamed 'Bonking Bob' in the media after reports that he had left his wife of 20 years for a Swiss-born Red Cross worker called Claire Podbielski, 16 years his junior.

When approached for a comment by the Sun, he said: “My comment is no comment, I don’t give a sod of what people say about me. I am never rude about anyone.”