Regardless of the weather, I think we all know it can be handy to bring a coat out with you.

There wasn’t even a queue at the bar but in the brief time it took to place our order we lost our table, found another and then lost that one. Chaos.

If only I had a jacket to pop over a chair to bagsy my spot.

It’s a pretty good indication on the thriving trade being done by the Bull’s Head – and it was only a weekday lunchtime.

It is fair to say that this giant Young’s pub-cum-restaurant-cum-hotel is not your average boozer. For starters, it’s a giant lump of a place standing proud on the end of Royal Parade.

Inside is an attractive combination of exposed brick and stylishly mismatched furniture that creates such a bright atmosphere I’d forgotten what a grey, rainy day it was by the time I’d left (another reason I should have brought my coat).

The airy dining room with gentle lounge music is about as far removed from a Wetherspoons or a dingy town centre pub as you could hope to find.

But then again so are the prices. Such luxury don’t come cheap for eats. Even the sandwiches clock in at around £8 and they’re nearer £10 if you expect them to come with chips.

Having sampled something a little heartier, I can attest to the quality however.

The bar boasted three ales – two Young’s and a Bombardier, plus a better-than-average selection of mainstream-ish lagers. Then on the wall behind the bar I spotted the craft ale taps poking through the tiles.

There were five of them, including three Meantime and a Camden Hells, and they elevated an already impressive range to god-like status.

As if the Bull’s Head didn’t already resemble a dream-like TV vision of a pub, I then noticed the strapping male model behind the bar and the couple of old lags sat at the bar like on an episode of Cheers, discussing the merits of PubSpy no less.

Certainly The Bull’s Head won’t tick the right boxes for everyone. It is expensive and it is not the sort of place you can find a dimly lit corner and collapse at the end of the week. In fact, it’s primary audience seemed to be mums taking their grown-up daughters to for lunch.

But if you’re looking for a bit of a pick-me-up, you could do worse.

The Bull’s Head, Royal Parade, Chislehurst

How it rated:

Atmosphere *** Pleasant but you could feel underdressed

Décor ***** Very attractive

Staff **** Strapping and very good

Price ** Not good if you’re prone to nosebleeds

Food **** Splendid

Drink ***** Cracking

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