Gravesend prankster Daniel Jarvis has been grabbing attention once again after terrorising people in London with a fake sawn-off leg.

The video is one of popular YouTube channel Trollstation’s oldest pranks but has resurfaced after a recent post on its Facebook page.

News Shopper:

In it, Jarvis approaches numerous people with the "severed" leg asking them “do you want one of these?”

Inevitably it leads to a lot of screams, while one person stays calm and touches the prop.

In one scene, Jarvis goes up to a group of teens saying “I’ve just found this leg, someone help me”, which results in a boy running off shouting.

The notorious prankster also walks up to a lady who is eating popcorn and offers the amputated leg to have with her snack.

News Shopper:

The video has received more than 200,000 views on Facebook.

Jarvis is known for his bold public stunts – he gatecrashed the Diving World Series final at the London Aquatics Centre by jumping off a board last year.