Lorries carrying huge electrical transformers are set to cross the Dartford Crossing.

The eight “abnormal loads” will be using the river link intermittently from April 9 to May 22.

The first 430-tonne power distributor travelled on March 20, creating a knock-on effect for drivers’ journeys - the next slow-moving transit is expected to create the same sort of problems.

The eight transformers are being moved over eight nights, from Littlebrook Power Station to Thamesport on the Isle of Grain, Kent.

The next crossing will take place on April 9 from around 9pm.

While the loads are in transit, traffic will be temporarily held-up to allow the enormous cargo to be moved around the Dartford Crossing freely.

Highways England expects that traffic may be held up to 30 minutes each time depending on the progress of travel.

The transport body stated that this is because the loads are too heavy to use the A206 Cotton Lane bridge over the A282 at junction 1a so parts of the A282 and its crossovers to travel from the west side of the junction to the east side need to be used.

Each lorry will enter the northbound A282 the wrong way, via the northbound exit slip road.

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Drivers have been warned to plan their journeys accordingly

From there they will travel northbound before using the crossover from the northbound carriageway to the southbound - usually used for traffic heading south.

The loads will then exit the A282 at junction 1a using the southbound exit slip road.

Each transformer will be moved at 9pm over a series of weekends.

The scheduled transits are: Saturday 9 April Sunday 17 April Saturday 7 May Sunday 15 May Sunday 22 May Three more movements will be required but the dates have yet been confirmed.