A Sidcup woman fears for her children’s safety after her son found a bag of cannabis on their balcony.

Rebecca Fry, 26, of Highview Road, was stunned when her four-year-old son George walked in with the Class B drug on Sunday (March 20) - and wants to move out of her ‘scary’ flat as soon as possible.

She thinks the drugs were accidentally dropped from an above flat and has reported the issue to police and her housing association Riverside.

Ms Fry is not letting George and 13-month-old Lilly play in the communal garden because she is too frightened that they might pick up more inappropriate items.

The mum-of-two told News Shopper: “When George found the bag of cannabis, he looked extremely confused because he didn’t know what it was.

“If my 13-month-old daughter had picked it up, she would’ve definitely put it in her mouth.

News Shopper:

(Left to right) Rebecca Fry, daughter Lilly, son George

“I feel like I can’t take my children outside. I don’t want them to use the communal garden because drugs could have easily been dropped there.

“I just don’t know what to do anymore. As a mother, I shouldn’t have to worry about my children picking up drugs – it’s disgusting.

“I should not be made to feel like this. When you close your door, your home should be your home – but it doesn’t feel like that at all. It’s very scary.”

Ms Fry moved into her flat in December 2013 and has also had problems with neighbours who have allegedly kept her son up at night with their “screaming and shouting”.

She claims to have once found drugs in the lift of her block of flats but failed to report it as she did not want to get involved.

The stay-at-home mum never smokes and only drinks alcohol when she is not around her children.

News Shopper:

Rebecca Fry​

Now, she is urging Riverside to move her family to a safer community.

Ms Fry said: “I want Riverside to move me to keep my children safe.

“Somewhere where I’m not worried and surrounded by drugs and have normal people around me.

“Either the druggies are moved or I am – it has to happen.

“My family just want a normal place to live – that’s all we’re asking for because every day is a battle.”

Ms Fry added that if her daughter had put the bag of cannabis in her mouth, she would have been taken to hospital – where staff might have thought the drugs were coming from her mum.

A Riverside spokesman said: “Ms Fry is a Riverside tenant and she reported an incident of anti-social behaviour on Monday (March 21) to our customer service centre.

“We take reports of anti-social behaviour seriously as we want all of our tenants to feel safe and secure in their homes.

“We work closely with other agencies such as the police to take action where we can within the law.”