Chancellor George Osborne has unveiled a tax on the makers of sugary soft drinks to tackle childhood obesity with funds raised to go towards more sport in primary schools.

Responding to yesterday’s announcement, Charlton Manor headteacher Tim Baker said it was “an important step in child health".

Last September, children from Charlton Manor primary school were among the campaigners in Jamie Oliver’s hard-hitting documentary – Sugar Rush - “declaring war on sugar” and demanding an extra tax on sugary drinks.

The Channel 4 programme included filming at the school in Indus Road that’s gained a national reputation for leading its own campaign on healthy eating lifestyles.

“I am delighted that the government are going to introduce this tax as it is an important step in improving outcomes for young people in terms of long term health and fitness,” said Mr Baker.

“Whilst we congratulate the government for their courage with this measure, we will also keep working hard to convince them to introduce a bigger focus on food education and good quality school meals when they launch the childhood obesity strategy.

“Charlton Manor have demonstrated every day that this can be achieved and compliments the teaching and delivery of the curriculum greatly, we hope that many other schools will follow our lead in this area.”

Charlton Manor, which holds its own annual conference on healthy eating, is involved in Jamie Oliver’s charity, the Kitchen Garden Project, which aims to raise awareness of the need for children to make healthy choices.

“The nutritional values of food are not only helping to build healthy bodies but also helps children to concentrate and to focus, therefore having a beneficial impact on their learning and attainment,” said Mr Baker.

*The school is holding a one day practical food training conference on May 20 with workshops and guest speakers, including presentations by food adventurer Stefan Gates and nutritionist Amanda Ursell. Food and refreshments will be provided, and there will also be a tour of the school, secret garden and teaching kitchen. Entry is £99. ** £30 EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT if you register by March 24. To find out more call 020 8856 6525 or visit