The mutant wolf of Belvedere mystery has finally been put to bed.

Belvedere residents claimed to have heard “haunting animal-like howling” sounds and suffered from sleepless nights last December.

However, Rowena Osmond, of Ripley Road, has revealed the real reason behind the disturbing noises.

The 65-year-old said: “A woman went and stood underneath the wind turbines in Eastern Way, near to the Crossness sewage works, and heard the same noise.

“They were very loud and the whole of Belvedere could hear them.

“But, I never believed that the noises were coming from a wolf for one second.”

Chloe Philpot previously told News Shopper that the alleged howling was “getting scary” just before Christmas.

The wind turbines are reportedly set to be serviced on soon where the loud noises will become a tale of the past.