You know those cover versions of pop or dance songs that sound classier than the original and like they have been made for dinner parties? That’s the same kind of feeling I had when I visited The Dolphin.

It is clearly, identifiably a pub – it has a bar, seating and all of the fixtures you would expect – but feels remixed somehow (in a good way) into something slightly different.

It won't be for everyone - especially the purists - but it is a bit more easy-listening (although the music playing over the sound system was more upbeat and trendy), a bit more accessible.

For starters, unlike a lot of boozers that still feel dark and a bit dingy or stick to a very rigid idea of what a pub should look like, the inside of The Dolphin is more like the inside of an interior design studio.

There are ornate lampshades, mismatched vintage fittings and is that teal above the wood panelling? Its style is obvious in the little touches, like antler coathooks or mini blackboards in the window.

And that’s before we get to the geometric splendour of its garden.

The sign outside warns drinkers they are entering an adult environment, by which they mean grown-up rather than ‘you are now entering Sydenham’s Stringfellows’. Thankfully.

During the day when I visited, it had a friendly coffee shop-type vibe with a young crowd of men and women enjoying a chat and a bite to eat.

Even though the bar offered a handful of ales, two Meantime beers and shining chrome taps with Leffe, San Miguel and Addlestone cider, I felt comfortable enough to order a hot drink and the softly-spoken, multitasking lady behind the bar was happy to knock one up despite it being a pain in the backside for most in her profession.

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The Dolphin, Sydenham Road, Sydenham

How it rated:

Décor ***** Comfortable yet stylish

Atmosphere **** Friendly

Staff ***** Impeccable

Drink ***** A top range

Price *** You will find cheaper