Voting for who should be crowned the most attractive man and woman in the News Shopper area is closing soon.

We've been aiming to show the people of Brighton, Cardiff and Liverpool who think a lot of themselves according to a YouGov poll that the most attractive folk are actually here.

Whether if it's genes, something in the water or good looking people naturally being drawn to south-east London and north Kent, we can't say, but we know we're right.

Our lovely readers have been backing us up very well on this point by sending us photos of themselves and other gorgeous people they know, and we’ve been putting their pictures on our website over the past few weeks.

This is also a competition to find the most dashing man and beautiful woman.

To vote, view all the photos in the gallery above or here and choose your favourite. Make a note of the reference number after the person’s name.

Then text 80360 starting with the keyword NSATTRACTIVE, then a space, followed by the four digits under the photo of your choice. You do not need to put the person's name, just the keyword and reference number for their picture.

Texts cost 25p plus your normal operator text charge.

Voting closes at midnight on March 28/29.

The man and woman with the most votes will each win £75 as a treat for being good sports and being so unquestionably pretty or handsome.

The poll which started this stated that “of course, there are other humanistic qualities that are of more value” than physical appearance.

We agree there is much more to people than just looks but at the same time we think you are ALL gorgeous in your own style and it’s been good to highlight that.