This is now your last call for entries in our search for the most attractive man and woman in south-east London and north Kent.

We've been aiming to show the people of Brighton, Cardiff and Liverpool who think a lot of themselves according to a YouGov poll that the most attractive folk are actually here.

Whether if it's genes, something in the water or good looking people naturally being drawn to this area, we can't say, but we know we're right.

Our lovely readers have been backing us up very well on this point by sending us photos of themselves and other gorgeous people they know, and we’ve been putting their pictures on our website over the past few weeks – they can all be viewed in the gallery above.

Next week our challenge will change from simply showing off how hot people around here are into a competition to find the most dashing man and beautiful woman.

We'll announce details of how you can vote soon.

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In the meantime, this is our last shout out for more entries because we know there are a lot of amazing looking people out there who haven’t yet been nominated.

We know, you’re probably too modest to put yourself forward – but we also reckon you’re a stunner, so just go for it.

Equally, we know you must have a friend or family member deserving of a nomination so we’d love you to send in their picture.

If you and a mate are both a bit shy to enter, why not put a photo of each other in?

To enter, email a photo along with the person’s name, age, where they live and contact details (email and phone) to Entrants must be at least 18. If you’re nominating someone else, please get their permission first.

To say thanks for being good sports and well done on being so unquestionably pretty or handsome, a cash prize of £75 will go to each of the two winners so they can have a night out with pals, take their other half for a meal or just treat themselves to a little something.

The poll which started this stated that “of course, there are other humanistic qualities that are of more value”.

We agree there is much more to people than just looks but at the same time we think you are ALL gorgeous in your own style and there is nothing wrong with highlighting that.