A Belvedere singer has just launched a campaign to raise awareness of bullfighting in Spain.

Sharon Townsend, 41, formerly of Eardley Road, wants people across Bexley to create banners and send snaps of them being waved from March 8 onwards - in demonstration against the dangerous games.

She is also encouraging the borough’s residents to sign an online petition that she is intending to take to Brussels at the end of the month.

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The anti-bullfighter and alternative rock group Major Arcana have held concerts and rallies all over Spain

Ms Townsend said: “It is a peaceful campaign.

“We have support from all over the world in all the countries.

“There is a lot of threat - we travel all over Spain.

“We go in undercover and we have been detained in the past.

“Of course this is all stuff you do not see on the tv - it is quite shocking some of it.”

She added: “We’re there to show this up - we’re not aggressive and we are trying to save lives.”

The campaigner and her alternative rock group Major Arcana have held concerts and rallies against the sport, all over Spain.

Ms Townsend claims that she and her friends have been met with particular hostility in Valencia.

The singer said: “I can’t come back to my own country until this is stopped.

“They do not want people to see what is happening in Spain.

“We have a really good fan base for anti-bullfighting - what we see there then goes into our songs.”

Spanish actors Vicente Renovell and Emma Ozores have both shown their support for the group’s event.

Ms Townsend wants people to sign her online petition and send their pictures with protest banners and signs into the group’s Facebook page.

To sign the petition click here.

To find out more about the anti-bullfighting plight and Ms Townsend’s event click here.